The Republican-controlled state legislature continue to crisscross our state boasting of how they solved Ohio’s budget problems and cut taxes at the same time. However, what they bill as successes for Ohio has come at the expense of Ohio’s cities and villages. These cuts are causing communities to raise taxes, impose new fees, or cut services completely. Over the last six years, the Republican-controlled state legislature repeatedly voted to cut funding for municipal governments, including more than $32 million in House District 6. There are 32 Ohio cities on the state’s fiscal distress list since the $1.7 billion in cuts to local community funds.

When a family decides which community to call home, they are looking to check off key indicators. Great schools – check. Safe neighborhoods – check. Key city services, including trash pick up, snow removal, assisting the elderly, community centers, paving streets, etc. – check. They are not looking to move to cities and towns struggling to provide basic services and meet standard budget obligations.

To make Ohio communities more prosperous, Phil will:

  • Lead the fight to restore funding to benefit the region and the state. 
  • Advocate for repairs and reinvestment in infrastructure like roads and bridge repair, public utilities, transportation, renewable energies, and statewide high speed internet.
  • Bring more opportunities for local leaders to have a say in the legislative and executive processes of our state government.
Phil Robinson talks with an older community member.