There’s no denying that fair districts mean fair elections. And while congressional district gerrymandering might get all the headlines, what has happened with statehouse districts in the last 10 years shouldn’t be forgotten. Look no farther than Ohio House District 6 to get a good idea of how out of control gerrymandering at the state level has become.

And gerrymandered districts are not our only problem. Republicans continue to use the false argument of voter fraud to institute their voter suppression tactics. Out of over 834 million cast votes from 2000 to 2014, there were only 35 credible fraud claims.

Under this false premise and unfair standards for keeping up your registration, Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted purged about 2 million voters from the rolls. It’s no coincidence these purges and other voter suppression tactics target minorities, the poor, urban communities and young voters… all groups who don’t usually vote for Republicans.

It’s time for the voters of Ohio to reclaim their voting rights and pick their legislators, not the other way around. 

As state representative, Phil will work to:

  • Ensure that state politicians no longer pick their voters. Instead, voters will pick their representatives in a way that ensures legislators are truly representative of the communities they serve. The redistricting commission and advisory commission must be more bipartisan, and less a show of who is in power. 
  • Pass legislation to make it easier for people to register to vote and then help them exercise that right. Ohio needs same-day voter registration, an extended early voting time period and automatic registration. When Ohioans get a driver’s license, a college ID from an accredited school, seek disability services, or simply turn 18; they should automatically be registered to vote. 
  • End voter suppression tactics like purging voter rolls, unfair voter ID laws, caging lists, selective access to early voting, reducing resources to polling stations in high population areas, only having English language forms for address confirmation, and any other obstacles to easy voting. 
Phil Robinson leading a discussion