Thirteen of the last 17 years have been entirely under Republican control in the state of Ohio – governor, attorney general, secretary of state and both chambers. As of 2017, current leaders and lawmakers in charge have worked Ohio into a $1 BILLION budget shortfall through irresponsible management and tax cuts for big business and the wealthy, we now rank 40th on America’s Health Ranking, ranked 7th in the nation for food insecurity, and ranked #1 in heroin and opioid overdose deaths.

It’s time to end the culture of corruption in our state government that has seen no less than three Republican legislators resign in less than a year, including the powerful Speaker of the House after his home was raided by the FBI. Work ground to a halt as taxpayers waited weeks for leadership to elect a new speaker and restart the business of governing.

It’s time to end a culture of corruption that enabled a the private, online charter school ECOT to take $80 million from local school districts without accountability, while former lawmakers worked as lobbyists on its behalf. It’s time to end the loose enforcement and freewheeling lobbyist activities that allowed the payday lending industry to buy off the support of the top Republican in the Ohio House of Representatives with a London vacation.

The first steps Phil will take to change the culture of corruption will be to:

  • Move away from failed privatization efforts and trust our hardworking civil servants to serve the state.
  • Protect working families from fringe financial practices, harmful student loans, business scams, and worker misclassification through more oversight and strengthened law enforcement efforts.
  • Evaluate current tax expenditures to make certain they benefit Ohio workers and communities.
  • Cut the current legal amount lobbyists can spend with legislators and their staff down to $25 a year, creating more restrictions on conference travel to avoid sham meetings meant to be vacation bribes, and working with newly elected leaders to root out other loopholes and means the powerful bend Columbus to their will, undermining the current gift giving efforts of special interests to politicians.

It’s time to bring new leadership to Columbus.

It’s time to ensure our elected officials work for we the people.

It’s time we put families and community before lobbyists and politics.

Phil Robinson standing in Solon Ohio