“I ask no favors for my sex…. All I ask of our brethren is that they will take their feet from off our necks.”

―Sarah Moore Grimké

51% of Ohio’s population are competing on an unlevel playing field. Women in our state and across the nation face institutionalized pay gaps and pay discrimination, higher health care costs, and lost work and wages due to lack of paid family leave and domestic and sexual abuse.

As state representative, Phil will fight to level the playing field by:

  • Working to close the pay gap that sees women with full-time jobs being paid 75 cents on the dollar compared to men doing the same work – the gap gets wider for African-American women (64.4 cents on the dollar) and Latina woman (60.8 cents)
  • Fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion in Ohio, which levels insurance costs for women – prior to ACA passage, women in the Buckeye state were charged up to 50% more than men for health insurance. We need to continue to provide and expand affordable birth control and family planning services to women in order for them to have all of the best options before them.
  • Advocate for up to 12 weeks of paid family leave for new families and families dealing with serious health issues. Ohioans should be able to start and care for their families without fear of bankruptcy or losing their jobs.
  • Require vendors who want to do business with the state to pay equal wages and give equal opportunities for job advancement.
  • Fight to protect a woman’s right to make her own choices about her health and her reproductive decisions. Legislating a women’s reproductive decisions is a violation of personal freedom and her right to privacy between herself and her doctor. 
  • Support legal reforms that unjustly favors spouses, men and employers who are accused of domestic abuse and sexual harassment.