Run for Something Endorses Phil Robinson

(Aug. 14, 2018) “Being recognized as a Run For Something candidate proves I’m running a solid, community-led campaign. My team and I are rebuilding our democracy one door-knock at a time. I’m particularly proud of the Run for Something endorsement because it shows I’m part of a massive shift in

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Voters Deserve Better Than Dark-Money Candidates

(Aug. 1, 2018) “It’s ironic that Jim Trakas, who has already received more than $100,000 from the dark-money group Growth and Opportunity, is complaining about a rival super PAC trying to hurt his reputation. Voters in House District 6 deserve better than the same revolving-door network

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Budget Woes Hit Local Communities Hardest

(July 31, 2018) Thirteen of the last 17 years have been entirely under Republican control in Ohio. During that time, the state worked its way into a $1 billion budget shortfall and we’ve seen local governments getting squeezed tighter and tighter to make up for misguided priorities in Columbus.

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