Dark Outside Money Tries to Bail Out Six Republicans in Ohio Statehouse Races

Sept. 11, 2018 — With two months to go before the 2018 general election, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the notorious super PAC, Americans for Prosperity, will insert itself into Ohio state politics by supporting six Republican candidates running for the statehouse. That list includes former ECOT lobbyist Jim Trakas, who is running against Phil Robinson, the senior leader of an education nonprofit. The winner of their race will represent eastern Cuyahoga County.

“My team and I have been working tirelessly for months to talk to voters and let them know that the corruption that has swirled around the statehouse for nearly 20 years can end this year. And that message is resonating,” said Phil Robinson the Democratic nominee for Ohio House District 6. “Now my opponent needs outside dark money to counteract a good, old fashioned grassroots campaign. That just makes me want to work even harder to return power to the people rather than lobbyists and outside interests.”

“My opponent received more than $100,000 from one of these shady outside groups during the primaries,” continued Robinson, “and he’s hoping to benefit from another dark money PAC in the general election.”

The Ohio Statehouse has been embroiled in scandals related to the payday lending and for-profit charter school industries — both of which give big bucks to Republican campaigns and organizations.


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